Arms Race by Limitless Mod Co

Limitless Mod Co Arms Race Box Mod Intro

On the heels of their public and sometimes unpleasant dispute with IJOY, Limitless Mod Company defiantly went back to work, and the resulting Arms Race Box Mod seems to indicate that they will be just fine going solo.

The Arms Race mod is a dual 18650 series regulated box with temperature control including support for Ti/Ni/SS and TCR. Using a new proprietary chipset, the mod features auto detection of your coil in TC mode and self-adjusts the temperature to deliver the best possible vaping experience.

In keeping with its name, the Arms Race mod borrows styling cues from the AR-15 battle rifle with a Picatinny rail cut into the top and a detachable magazine style battery cover. The look continues with the gold-plated badge and replaceable digi-camo sleeves, which are available in green and blue. If you prefer to downplay the militaristic theme Limitless also offers a blacked-out sleeve with Skull Chief logo, and you can always buy any of the three sleeves as accessories.

Arms Race Box Mod Specs and features

Choose your weapon


Looking at the Arms Race mod, Limitless has succeeded in delivering a mod with a strong military influence, and done it tastefully. Being retired from a civilian job in the defense industry, and also a confessed “gun guy”, I find the Arms Race includes just the right level of detail to convey that message without going over the top.

Beyond that, the Arms Race mod includes a new, custom chip that was designed by Limitless with ease of use as a priority. In TC mode the chip automatically senses the coil and adjusts the temperature accordingly. In VW mode the mod is adjustable in 0.5W increments between 5 and 200W, so it has plenty of power to shock and awe.

There are other mods with a military flair, such as the Magmod which is fashioned after (out of?) a 30-round polymer AR-15 magazine. While innovative and cool – and likely indestructible – I cannot see myself using one.

To each their own, but with the digi-camo sleeves, Picatinny top rail, and battery magazine the Limitless mod would more likely be my weapon of choice in this arms race.

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